Craft Botanicals for Medicine People

Working with Nature to refine ourselves.

Lux Botanics is an intentional organization designed to mimic the mutualism we observe in natural systems. Our mission is to be a beneficial organism in the ecology of business, where our wellness and longevity promote the wellness of others. We see the benefits that plants and fungi provide us as gifts from nature, and we seek to pay that gift forward and protect it from commodification.


Supplies for the journey ahead

Lux Botanics collects, extracts, purifies, and formulates supplies for the modern medicine person. We aim to reclaim our heritage by protecting the wisdom and sustainability of our allies in Nature.


Crafted by Lux

These products are our explorations into both ancient and new preparations of natural medicinals. Our products are all hand crafted in Black Mountain, North Carolina, using as many local, organic, direct trade ingredients as we can find. We donate 11% of all sales of these products to charities supporting children in under-served communities in the US and abroad.