About Lux


Lux (noun):
Light, or the standard unit of Illumination

With Lux Botanics, we’ve embarked on a mission to combine our shared interests in chemistry, plant medicine, product craft, spiritual alchemy, and visionary art, all in the pursuit of conscious illumination. After decades of banishment to the shadows, we now see cannabis and other healing plants beginning to be restored to their rightful place of respect and reverence.

We seek to be contributors to this important movement, as we, too, are able to emerge from the shadows with our skills and knowledge.

In this current period of rapidly shifting and changing laws and markets, and all the opportunists that thrive in such uncertain waters, we believe that trust is paramount. We believe our best opportunity to contribute to the further demystification of hemp, cannabis, and other natural medicines is through quality, transparency, sharing of information, and collaboration with those who share our values.


We all have to climb our own route up Mount Lux, but we can also support one another along the way.