About Lux


Lux (noun):
Light, or the standard unit of Illumination

With Lux Botanics, we’ve embarked on a mission to combine our shared interests in chemistry, plant medicine, product craft, spiritual alchemy, and visionary art, all in the pursuit of conscious illumination. After decades of banishment to the shadows, we now see cannabis and other healing plants beginning to be restored to their rightful place of respect and reverence.

We seek to be contributors to this important movement, as we, too, are able to emerge from the shadows with our skills and knowledge.

In this current period of rapidly shifting and changing laws and markets, and all the opportunists that thrive in such uncertain waters, we believe that trust is paramount. We believe our best opportunity to contribute to the further demystification of hemp, cannabis, and other natural medicines is through quality, transparency, sharing of information, and collaboration with those who share our values.


Meet The Lux Team

Nathan TaylorFounder

Nathan founded Lux Botanics as a vision of what a regenerative business could be. For over 20 years, Nathan has been obsessed with the notion of mutualism as the key to sustainability, where two or more collaborators are able to maximize their own self-interest through mutually beneficial cooperative behavior. In a career spanning academia, corporate consulting, technology, and entrepreneurship, he studied examples of resilience resulting from “altruistic” actions in ecosystems ecology, business, and community life. He has been building Lux Botanics to be an evergreen B-Corp business through a mindful balance of the needs of investors and employees, vendors and customers, people and planet.

On this seeker’s path of studying goodness in nature, Nathan has also been a student and explorer of plant medicines, for wellness in body, mind, and spirit. He has found relief from his Crohn’s Disease with the use of cannabis and turmeric, an enhanced ability to process our contemporary flood of information with the use of Ashwagandha and Lion’s Mane mushrooms, and an opened heart filled with wonder and gratitude with the sacramental use of the ancient consciousness-altering plants and fungi. Seeing their beneficial effects in us as part of nature’s gift to us, Nathan felt compelled to steward this gift and pay it forward, in the form of sustainably sourced, consistent, honest, easy to use preparations of the legal plant medicines.

Jake ReedSales Manager

Jake Reed is a native of Asheville, North Carolina and a three year participant in the industrial hemp industry. In that time Jake has been involved in outdoor cultivation, retail and franchising, and now sales management at Lux Botanics. When he is not at work Jake enjoys spending his time biking, hiking, and mentoring at a local youth shelter.

Emily MajzerProduction Manager

Emily is the Production Manager for Lux Botanics. She helps with product formulation & making sure production stays on schedule. She considers herself a craft queen. She loves sewing, thrifting for vintage & making jewelry for her online business. Emily is a Richmond, Virginia native who fell in love with the small town vibes of Asheville & moved there in 2011. Since then, she’s made Asheville her forever home & appreciates everything the mountain town has to offer. Being an avid hemp supporter & a creative, Emily gets to join two of her passions into one, hemp & craft. She hopes to create more awareness to the benefits of hemp products in everyday life while creating new innovative & practical products along the way. In her free time, Emily enjoys bonfires, outdoor concerts, waterfalls, tubing, bug collecting & karaoke.

Christina SessomsProduct Manager

Christina Sessoms is the Product Manager for Lux Botanics and has been a vital part of the NC hemp industry for over three years. After living with an unmanageable seizure condition since the age of fourteen, Christina chose to take the route of plant medicine nearly a decade ago. Since then, she has been driven to educate and passionate about providing access to safe and reliable cannabis products in an unregulated industry. Christina is currently developing a hemp intimates clothing line in an effort to reduce fashion waste and contribute to the sustainable clothing community.

Jean AndersonSkincare Development & Manufacturing

Jean Anderson landed her dream job with Lux Botanics, managing skincare product development and manufacturing. Mother, doula, herbalist, permaculture gardener, lover of this amazing planet, Jean enjoys nurturing family and community and cultivating conscious evolution.