Private Label

High-End Manufacturing for Your Own Custom Brand

At Lux Botanics, we love all aspects of natural medicine craft, and we believe collaboration can result in more plant medicine, of better quality, reaching more people, where it can work its magic on bodies and minds. If you would like to offer your own craft hemp/CBD product, and your values run deeper than just a profit motive, please get in touch below. Some examples of the clients we work with:

  • growers who want finished product made with their own plants
  • dispensaries and retailers who want to offer their own branded product
  • brands from other industries that want to introduce a CBD/hemp line

Lux Botanics, along with our design partners, can offer full custom private label product creation.

Our services include:

  • Custom hemp/CBD product formulation- tinctures, topicals, vapes, pet products, and more
  • Single origin fair/direct trade sourcing from mission-centric growers
  • Brand development and customized packaging
  • True private label exclusivity in your custom formulas
  • Farm to glass traceability
  • Reasonable MOQ's and competitive pricing

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