Bath Salt Soak with CBDBy Chelsea W.This CBD Soak is the perfect addition to your bedtime routine! Add a cup to warm bath water and let it wash your cares away! Pairs perfectly with our Sleep Potion.
Hazelnut Almond Fat Bombs with CBD & ReishiBy Chelsea W.Fat bombs are a great snack for people on low carb, ketogenic, or anti-inflammatory diets. Lux's Hazelnut Almond Fat Bomb recipe has the additional benefits of hemp extract (and optional Reishi extract).
Hair & Scalp Hot CBD Oil TreatmentBy Chelsea W.Looking for an easy at-home method to repair hair and relieve dandruff? Try out our easy at-home Hair & Scalp Hot CBD Oil Treatment.
CBD ShirleyBy Chelsea W.Looking for a relaxing treat that's fizzy & sweet? Look no further than our CBD Shirley recipe!
CBD Cauliflower SoupBy Chelsea W.Hemp extract is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, but did you know other plant-based foods do, too? Turmeric, a yellow colored spice originating from India, contains the chemical curcumin, a bioactive substance that fights inflammation at the molecular level. Try it out in our CBD Cauliflower soup recipe!
Pumpkin CBD Dog TreatsBy Chelsea W.Make you puppy even happier and healthier with these Pumpkin & CBD Dog Treats!
Peanut Butter CBD Dog TreatsBy Chelsea W.Pets love CBD, too! Try your hand at making these peanut butter CBD dog treats for your four-legged family members.
Spinach, Bell Pepper, & CBD Side DishBy Chelsea W.Looking for a big boost to your immune system? Enjoy a delicious dose of Vitamin C with this simple to make Spinach, Bell Pepper, & CBD side dish! Makes four servings and can be served over quinoa as a meal.
DIY CBD Body ScrubBy Chelsea W.We know the importance of self-careā€”and when it comes to at-home spa treatments this body scrub really hits the spot! Using all natural ingredients and Lux Botanics Full Spectrum Hemp Extract you can create your own too!